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How's the UG English Department? How's life as a transfer student?

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Hey everyone,
I'm currently at a CC fulfilling all my prereqs to study English Lit at FSU. The professors at my CC don't seem to care about correcting grammar, or offer any sort of feedback. Although I've done well here, I feel like when I go to FSU I'm going to be swamped. Can anyone offer their experience with the English Department.(What kind of assignments, Detailed grading). How was the transition from CC to University, in terms of work load.
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Replies to: How's the UG English Department? How's life as a transfer student?

  • papertiger87papertiger87 2 replies0 discussionsRegistered User New Member
    Every professor and class is different and they have a huge selection of courses to select from for English majors so you're asking a loaded question there.
    I recommend transferring for Summer term if you are concerned about workload and transitioning. Summer is a good transition for transfer students imo. I had an ex-roommate who was an English major and she enjoyed it. Obviously a lot of reading and writing is going to be involved, but she also had some free time so it wasn;t like she never left her room. Also they have a great tutoring/writing center here so before you turn in any paper go there so they can look over grammar and all that before you hand it in to your professor.
    Work load is so iffy. I'm a history major which also requires a lot of heavy reading and writing, but there are some professors that have multiple choice tests and one book to read and one optional paper to write, whereas I've had professors on the opposite spectrum that have made us read 3-5 books, have pop-quizzes on reading assignments and write 2-3 papers throughout a semester.
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