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Am I a fool to not go to UF?

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I'm a high school senior at a private school and I have also done dual enrollment. I am actually extending my high school graduation to at least December (or May 2014, depending on if it's better to transfer as a freshman or transfer student at USF) to still compensate for my final dual enrollment classes. Consequently, before I go to college I will have obtained my AA degree. I have a 4.0 weighted GPA from my high school and a 4.0 GPA from my local college. My SAT score (which I took last spring and plan on taking once more, after rigorous studying, in the fall) is 1620.

I am interested in studying psychology, and the two schools that I am considering are UF and USF. All in all, I just want to go to a school in Florida that will give me a great education and provide sufficient internships needed to eventually obtain my PhD.

I have toured both USF and UF, and I liked USF so much more. UF couldn't even compare, in my opinion. I liked everything about it; it seemed to "fit." That being said, I don't know if I would get better job opportunities and/or internships if I went to UF, and hence my dilemma. If I knew that at USF I would get a good education, internship, and possible job placement (that is, if I don't go into private practice first), I would pick it hands down.

My question: is USF a good school for my field of study (also, if it matters, in graduate school I plan on pursuing clinical psychology), will it provide reputable internships, and is it respectable in terms of placing students into jobs?

Thank you for taking the time to read this; I appreciate it.
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