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First time posting and just needs your thoughts. I have a relative that has claimed as an independent on their fafsa form and was awarded substantial money.

History - child's parents moved when they were a junior in high school and they chose to stay with friends for 2 years so they could graduate from same school with friends. During this time the school counselor believed the child had been abandoned by parents. This was not true. The child would return home regularly......weekends, holidays, summer etc. Parents provided financially for the child still and claimed them on taxes as dependent.

So counselor told child to claim as independent and provided confirmation from the school. I advised child not to do this but they did so anyway. As they are 18 I presume they would be responsible if the govt found out that they had claimed this money illegally? Concerned and not sure what to do. Have tried speaking to parents but they are not interested, just pleased they do not have to finance their child's education. Both parents work.

Looking for some advice. What should I do or could I do? If child is not awarded this money chances are they may not be able to afford school.

I have kept this email vague as I believe the child may frequent these boards.
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