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Tag grant question

mrespn895mrespn895 1 replies2 discussions Forum Champion
HI guys i am new, I am now a independent student and applied for fasfa the Rutgers financial aid planner says 9100 for a possible tag grant, I take the estimator for the tag grant saying I should receive 7100, which isn't to far from what Rutgers said. I received a letter from HESSA saying how much income it takes for a certain amount of grant you receive. I made about 9500 last year and they said I make to much money to receive the grant. Should I check into the situation because its far off from what Rutgers said and the estimator. Thanks if anyone can help!!! I just wanna idea why they differ not that I am angry just a lil disappointed ha thanks, also I wanted to say I do know that the estimator doesnt mean that much and the financial aid planner is the same just $0 in grants is incredibly different from $7000-$9000 a year
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  • mitchklongmitchklong 4 replies0 discussions
    Call the financial aid dept at rutgers and ask them. FAFSA looks at assets too so those might be a problem if you have some. Also this is a state program so maybe they are out of money.
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