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Testing Irregularity

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Today when I was trying to take my AP World History Exam Section II with all the essays, half of the class finished within the first 30 minutes because they chose not to read or try to write the essays. I wouldn't care, but the relentlessly were creating noise, distractions, whispering, and mouthing to each other across the room. Our proctor was a very old lady who constantly asked them to stop, but they were very rude to her and disrespectful. At one point a kid in the back left corner even had the nerve to stand up and shout to a kid in the front right corner "YO SAM, HOWD YOU THINK THIS ******** TEST WENT?!" causing even more distractions. I finished with 10 minutes left and decided to write a letter to the collegeboard about these irregularities, including the student's names, our high school, our school code, and all that was going on. I also reported that they were discussing specific answers on the multiple choice during our break, which they were. In the box where we're supposed to put what question # we're answering, I wrote "cheating and testing irregularity," I then signed my letter and closed my booklet. Afterwards I went to the office and reported these issues directly to the principal who said they'd check out the exam booklets to see what those students spent their time writing and there would be consequences. Do you think the collegeboard will do anything when they see my letter or should I call the OTI instead?
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