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Sat/act confusion?!

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In fall I took a princeton review course for the sat. My studying resumed in march right before the march sat. I memorized 1000 vocab words and took about 6 practice tests in preparation. I scored a 2170, which I was not pleased with in the slightest. So, I proceeded to sign up for another sat to improve my score. I'm going to take the June test in a couple of weeks. I'm even going to meet with a tutor a few hours every few days to prepare. Today, I had the brilliant idea of trying the act for the first time. I always figured I would just suck at the act and I don't know why. I figured that since I already heavily engrossed myself in the sat world there was no point in taking the act at all. In short, I took a practice test a couple of hours ago and got a 34... First try without any preparation. I was shocked because I was expecting a 31 at best. Now I don't know what I should do because I'll be a senior next year so it may be too late to take any tests then but now I'm feeling confident with my newfound act skills. What would you do in this situation if you were me? Also, I took three subject tests in may and felt confident about them. I'm still waiting to get the scores back. Would it look weird to colleges if I sent an act and sat SUBJECT tests but no actual sat?
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