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Criteria for Ithaca Honors Program

angel14angel14 0 replies1 discussions
I know the program is limited to 100 students and you need to be invited to apply after being accepted. I would be interested in knowing basic stats from anyone accepted or declined including weighted GPA, SAT/ACT results, SAT II's scores, # of AP's and AP scores, etc., etc.
Also, please indicate what other schools with honors programs you applied. if accepted or not into Ithaca's honors program, where did you decide to go?
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Replies to: Criteria for Ithaca Honors Program

  • jennee98jennee98 1 replies0 discussions
    Interesting thread. Hope more people reply.
    I was accepted into the honors program with a 3.85 (unweighted), 4.72 (weighted), 1820 SAT, 28 ACT, and 6 AP's with the rest being honors classes. I was also an auto-admit to the honors program at American University. I applied to the program at UGA but didn't get accepted.
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  • nelliehnellieh 2 replies0 discussions New Member
    D was accepted to honors. 3.8 GPA and 2180 SAT, many leadership roles, AP and IB classes.

    She was also accepted to honors at American U and IU and a couple others.

    Her package from Ithaca was good but not strong enough in the end. She has decided to attend Indiana University .
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