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Benley Makes list of Worst Professors (9)

JssaabJssaab 2 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Here is the article. I was wondering if any current students or Alums visit here woudl like to comment... My DD is considering this school ( at my direction ) and think this coudl help her drop it from her list...

25 Universities with the Worst Professors - Yahoo! Finance
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  • northernjerseynorthernjersey 2 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    Bentley rated in top 20 undergrad business schools in country!

    Bentley was just ranked 20th among top undergrad business schools in the nation. Even better, it was in the top 10 rankings among the all important "employer ranking" survey.

    Check it out: The Complete Ranking: Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2013 - Businessweek.

    I guess the employers are pretty happy with what the kids are learning...
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  • JssaabJssaab 2 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    Yes I know what the rankings are saying, but what are students saying about Bentley? My son as accepted to Carnegie Mellon and talked to students there, very smart kids who hated it, said the teachers gloated when kids complained about the intensity of work, and woudld say they make it hard to "wash out the weak". He went to William and Mary ( well known for grade deflation) where students say the professors challenged them to teach them, not to "wash" wash anyone out.

    I am looking for any impressions of the professors for my Daughter, she wants a good quality education and was not served well by her high school teachers who said smart students like her should teach themselves.
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  • xraymancsxraymancs College Rep 41 replies0 discussions New Member
    So, if you look at this list, it is loaded with Tech schools. These have a predominance of engineering programs and are usually quite tough. That does not excuse bad professors, but my guess is that a survey of ratemyprofessor.com can't help being biased by the challenging curriculum in these schools. In my experience, most schools have some kind of internal evaluation of courses and professors already, I know that we do at IIT. This means that most students who are satisfied will have provided their feedback in this way. This may tend to bias the ratemyprofessor.com comments toward those students who are unhappy about the whole thing.

    Of course, a lot of complaints on ratemyprofessor.com is an indicator of something, it is just that that something is not totally clear.
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  • taxguytaxguy 1 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    All I can add is that my son was in the graduate program in financial planning/tax at Bentley. He felt that the program was TERRIFIC and rarely had any complaint about a professor. In fact, he felt his professors were generally better than what he experienced At Towson University for his undergrad.

    Also, I don't know what criteria was used in the evaluation or what controls were in place to assure that multiple ratings weren't given by the same disgruntled student(s).

    Finally, check out the side link in the article noted above for the top 25 schools with the best professors. For the most part, I wouldn't want to send my kids to any of those. So much for the rankings.
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  • RubbishRubbish 4 replies0 discussions
    Based on the quality of the schools on this list (Howard, WPI, UMd, RPI), I'd feel safe ignoring any qualms this list has over these schools. I recall Howard and UConn having been praised for the quality of their teaching in a fairly well-known ranking a few years back-- anyone remember which ranking it was?
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