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Current Junior - Stern ED1 - Chance me

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Chance me for Stern NYU without using SAT's:
Major: Economics
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
I'm an IB student taking the following courses (Will include my own personal predicted-predicted score based on performance and talks with teachers): HL English A1 Literature (6), HL Economics (7), HL Business and Management (6 or 7), SL Math (5 or 6), SL Biology (6), SL Arabic (7). (Total incl. the extra points = 40/45 - 42/45

Participated here: Summer Academy - NYU Abu Dhabi

All excellent teacher recommendation letters: Can choose from my Econ, English, Business, and Theory of Knowledge teachers (TOK teacher is also my vice principal who has known me for over 5 years)

Supplementary recommendation letter from NYU Deputy President

Staying at NYU,NY campus for 10 days this Summer as part of the aforementioned summer program

Planning on not submitting my SAT's if I'm not scoring ridiculously high

Some of my ECs: -Creating a school IB website/forums. -4 years Horseriding. -Recreational soccer/basketball. -Archery -School MUN -City-wide MUN 2013, Security Council (toughest council) and won Gavel Award (essentially best delegate overall).

Work Experience: Week-long intensive training at one of the country's leading banks

Now, regarding my non-IB grades, how important are my freshmen and junior year grades? I honestly did not do ANY work during those years and I have a crappy 3.3GPA in grade 9 and a 3.06GPA in grade 10. This year, however, even though I'm doing the IB I'm working very hard and doing extremely well (Among the top 5 of 65 IB students)

Grade 11 GPA has been 4.2 [90-91% average] (Weighted) for Semester 1, Semester 2 seems like its going to be higher, around a 93-94% average

Chance me for NYU Stern,

Also as a side note, how do I look for Georgetown McDonough EA?

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