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Too much partying?

1stkidtocollege1stkidtocollege 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hello everyone. I am new to CC and have enjoyed reading some helpful information about Elon. At this point Elon is on the top of my daughters list of potential schools. I have recently been told however, that there is a lot of drinking at Elon and this concerns me. I am aware that kids at all colleges party but I am wondering if it happens in excess at Elon?
Rockville Mom, if you happen to read this, perhaps you can address this question as I think you have a lot of good insight into the school and the culture there. Thanks!!
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  • Scoutmom9Scoutmom9 1 replies1 discussions New Member
    I truly believe no matter what college you go to today you will see a lot of drinking. Inevitably many kids away from parental supervision for the first time in their lives will sometimes make poor choices. (and my son says especially freshman) To say that the school is a party school is not really fair. There are kids that will "party" and many that choose not to and find like minded friends and alternative activities.
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  • samtalyasamtalya 4 replies0 discussions New Member
    elon requires all freshmen to take an alocohol education program. elon also talks to the kids many times about safety and alcohol. yes, kids drink, but i think given the chance they will drink anywhere.

    my s has definitely been to parties and does drink, but he got over it quickly. he now is a driver with saferides which provides rides to kids who drink or shouldn't walk alone in the eve.

    i think every parent should be concerned for a first time kid in college, but I think elon does a great job in communication safety and health issue with the students.
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