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Which Should I Choose for a Better Educational Experience?

kona680kona680 0 replies1 discussions
I've been accepted to this great college called LIU Global, where I will travel to four different countries (Costa Rica, india, China, Australia) and one in my choosing, to major in Global Studies. I will stay in each country for a year, so that I will learn absorb the language and culture, learn about the politics, economic developments, history, and everything about the country and its regional neighbors. LIU Global will surely make me a global citizen with experiences and connections around the world. I've only received $13,000 in scholarship money and I've already applied for financial aid and some other scholarships, but I would really need about $15,000 more to cover the tuition and personal expenses. Now, I'm back in my country, Palau, and my relatives have been pushing me to apply for full-ride scholarships to Australia, Japan and New Zealand. I have a higher chance of getting to one or two of them and they could pay for all my educational costs, living expenses, allowance, vacation and many other things. I'm faced with so many options here than when I was in the United States.

Should I pursue LIU Global, where I know I will can be proficient or maybe fluent in several foreign languages, gain valuable connections and have a strong chance of working for the United Nations, since it has a very close partnership with the UN Headquarters in New York?


Should I apply for the Japan, Australia, New Zealand scholarships, where they will pay for everything, even give me pocket money, pay for my vacation tickets, and study in top=notch, high-ranking universities? What should I do?

Should I go to LIU Global, where it offers more international experiences, but less financial support or should I go to the Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, where they will pay for everything and study in world-class universities, but will not allow me to see the world and learn different cultures and languages.

Which should I choose? Maybe this a stupid question, but I really need some help from this community.
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  • katliamomkatliamom 24 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    How will you cover the extra $15,000 (is that per year?) Loans? Or can your family afford to pay it? It sounds like your relatives are concerned about the money.

    LIU sounds like an interesting opportunity, but more traditional universities also offer many opportunities, including the chance to study abroad. If you were my child I would urge you explore what kinds of international programs (including internships in, for example, the UN) are offered in those schools in Japan, Australia or NZ, and then strongly consider going there. To have someone pay for your education is a huge opportunity in itself, allowing you to travel and have your 'international' experience in the summers, and after graduation.
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  • stressedoutttstressedouttt 51 replies5 discussions Junior Member
    I would go for the 2nd option. Even though the 1st is more international, both options are still amazing, and I think the smarter decision would be to save the money.
    It may seem like the 2nd option is less diverse, but you'ld be surprised how different even the closest cultures can be :) It really opens you eyes. Go with the second one, and maybe if you want to travel again later in your life, you'll be more prepared for the places that seem even more foreign ;)
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