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CSU or JC? [State University or Junior College]

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I'm a senior that is planning to enroll in SJSU but is also looking at the financial benefit of attending a junior college. I am deciding whether I should attend SJSU or De Anza instead.
I get full financial aid for both school because my family income is 0 and De Anza seems to save more. I'm planning to transfer to a UC either after 4 years at SJSU or 2 years after De Anza.

My problem : Planning to change my mind from attending SJSU to De Anza. (my local JC)

What I know, comparing :

-SJSU cost around 8k a year for me because tuition is around 7k and plus books. I will be taking the bus since they give us a VTA semester pass. Financial aid gives me around 11k a year.
I save around 3k per year for UC.
-De Anza cost around 1k per a year for me because I would be in a low income program that will pay for all my courses. Financial aid gives me 2k per quarter. [including summer]
which is 8k.
I save around 7k per year for UC.

-De Anza is easier to get high GPA and they have TAG[Transfer Guarantee] program which makes De Anza easier to transfer to UC comparing to SJSU.
-De Anza is harder to get classes and might take longer than 2 years to finish...
-De Anza probably have more failures and might be affected by surroundings...

Please help me with what you know about choosing from JC transferring to UC or CSU transferring to UC for a master degree, which option do you prefer, and anything you know/recommend!
Some people say that attending JC will not prepare me for UC because JC is way too easier than CSU. I'm not sure about that but I would love to know more!
Thank you!!!
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