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Which College Should I go to?

ChickenKatsuChickenKatsu 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
Hi, so current situation:

3.8 GPA at a Comm. College.

Accepted to:
Salem State U.
UMass Boston
Boston C
Northeastern U

The financing is not an issue at any school but will my life be any different as a commuter student? I'm having trouble deciding on where to go since I am a single parent of two and Salem State U and UMass Boston. would be convenient because I feel like I would be a better fit there as a commuter but I would really love to go to Boston C or Northeastern U because they are well known and very competitive from what I've learned.

If I can get some advice that would be great! I feel like college is once in a life time and I really want to make a great choice that I wouldn't regret.

Does it really matter what college I get my BA from? I feel like it do..and from what I hear from others it does. But some people are telling me that it does not matter on where i get my BA from, I will succeed if I put forth the effort.

Really stressful thinking about this, any advice?
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Replies to: Which College Should I go to?

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 295 replies1 discussions Junior Member
    Have you looked into the courses and curriculum for your major at each school to see which one may be the best academic fit?
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  • redhuntinghatredhuntinghat 54 replies9 discussions
    Go to Northeastern or BC. Like you said, you're a single parents of two- those two schools have better reps which lead to better jobs which lead to more money for your family.
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  • BeanTownGirlBeanTownGirl 39 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    I don't know about BC, but Northeastern has plenty of commuters (about 11%) so you won't be alone.
    I would expect fewer at BC - Commuter Lounge Has Several Uses - News - The Heights - Boston College

    If finances are not a problem I would take NEU or BC over the state schools.
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  • Erin's DadErin's Dad 48 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    Having grown up in a single parent household It's hard to me to envision finances not being an issue. If they truly aren't then I agree with Beantowngirl. Otherwise choose the least expensive and commute.
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  • lovemny93lovemny93 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    Hello! I am from Peru and I would like to hear some advices and any kind of info about 2 universities that I am aplying to: Rochester Technology Institute (New York) and University of Florida. I would like to know about the prices of food, room, etc. Which one is better in Art?

    Thanks so much!
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  • ChickenKatsuChickenKatsu 1 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    Thanks, the finances are for the most part taken care, I am a returning veteran and they do pay for 3/4 if not all of my schooling (if private). I am really leaning towards NEU for their co-op program though. Thanks everyone this will be tough...
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