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Questions about TASP

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Hey guys, so I have a couple questions about the social atmosphere of TASP. I've been hearing that it's incredible, etc. and I can't wait to go this summer, but let's be real - I'm a hormonal sixteen year-old, I like to have fun and get...cray. Lol I can't believe I just said that. Anyways, to all you TASP alumni, do people even do "normal" teenage stuff at TASP, like make out or what not? Not trying to stereotype TASPers, but "talking with each other all night" isn't my idea of fun (yes, I know we get to do a whole bunch of other things). I come from a pretty extroverted social group. The answer to this question won't affect the respect I have for TASP and how lucky I feel to have gotten in, I'm not that low, I'm just curious. Thanks guys.
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