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Junior Year of HS - Drop of Grades?

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My GPA had a huge upward trend from 9th-10th grade and I ended up with a 3.73 at the end of my sophomore year. After Junior year, and getting the first C's in my life, it's now at a 3.55 and I don't think I'll be able to get it up, if anything, it might even drop to a 3.4.
I'm taking AP Calc, Stat and Chem
and Honors world, physics, and english

This is what my first semester grades were:
Hon English - B
Hon Physics - B
Hon World - B
AP Chem - C
AP Calc - B
AP Stat - C

This is what I believe my second semester grades are going to look like
Hon English - A
Hon World - B (A if I do really well on the final exam)
Hon Physics - B (possibly C if I get worse)
AP Chem - A (possibly B)
AP Calc - A
AP Stat - A

Will no colleges accept me because of this? I'm really upset about this and I'm feeling like I'm not going to get into any college. I'm planning on applying to
University Of Maryland College Park, UMBC, UMES, VCU, Carnegie Mellon, Northeastern, Salisbury
and Radford. Thank you so much, and if there are any colleges that you think would accept me, please let me know!
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