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Attendance records

omedogomedog 9 replies1 discussions
Can colleges see attendance records on transcripts? Do they judge tardiness and absences? For a student with excellent grades and scores who has really been allowed to set her own schedule, with parents who have excused every absence, and allowed her to stay home to complete work.
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  • alpha71alpha71 9 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    Not to my knowledge, it may vary depending on the school, but not on any transcript I've seen. It is an academic transcript, not an attendance transcript. Even if it is listed, I highly doubt that the college will pay any attention to it. In college no one takes attendance anyway, no one is there to babysit you. If you don't come to class, you fail and the college still gets your tuition money and you just have to retake the course. They aren't complaining
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  • SikorskySikorsky 133 replies4 discussions Junior Member
    Colleges can see whatever your high school puts on a transcript. If you want to know what your high school's transcripts look like, and what they report, ask your guidance counselor.

    I will say, I have never heard of a college that cared about absences or tardiness. But if you're absent 25 days a year or something, that might raise an eyebrow if they knew about it.
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