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UGBA 103 or MATH 128A during summer

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Hello guys,

In order to satisfy requirements for my actuarial cluster in applied mathematics, this summer I must take STAT 133, but I need to take as well UGBA 103 or MATH 128A.

Please could some one tell me if I should take either STAT 133 and UGBA 103 or STAT 133 and MATH 128A.

I am very concerned about MATH 128A because I took this class last semester but I dropped because of the professor and the homework which were really long and difficult. On the other hand, if I take UGBA 103 next semester, I may not make it from the wait list and run the risk of not being able to take it during the semester, which was exactly what happened this semester in STAT 133 for I did not make it from the wait list, and here I am again this summer retaking the class.

Thank you very much guys.
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