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Rowing Scholarships: Getting Noticed

reach2playreach2play 5 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
I thought I would share a post from my Blog to help out any prospective college rowers.

So you are having great success, you are dominating the ERG (is that possible), and just want to grab the attention of coaches. How do you get the exposure? This is a list I built out for my children that we used for different sports, but this one is tailored for crew:

-Focus on the ERG times for scholarship to get noticed. Ah, the ERG. Like it or not, when a coach first evaluates you, it is all about the ERG. Great ERG times will help you get noticed.

-Create a profile on the Concept2 Online Logbook. Concept2 has a great site with a global logbook. Create a profile and reference it. This is a great way to see how you rank across the world.

-Create a profile on U.S. Rowing. U.S. Rowing provides a great template for getting exposure. You can enter not only ERG times, but also race results, schools of interest, etc.

-Create a profile on Recruiticus, Be Recruited, Takkle, etc.. There are a number of online recruiting sites. Sign up for as many as you can for max exposure (within financial limits). Most basic memberships are free, and allow you to create a public profile you can share with coaches.

-Attend a High Performance Rowing Camp. Tuning your technique and getting exposure at a great camp can only help in your quest for a rowing scholarship.

Hopefully this helps. Did I miss something? Please send a note or comment if you have something to add.
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Replies to: Rowing Scholarships: Getting Noticed

  • GolfFatherGolfFather 28 replies0 discussions New Member

    Yes, what you posted appears to match the general consensus and advice found here on CC and elsewhere.

    As I have phrased it here before in various threads: “It is all about the ERG first.”

    (Details about specific ERG numbers can also be found in several previous threads.)

    Online profiles, indeed, have become a regular normal means of exposure.

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean, though, by “High Performance” Rowing Camp. I’ll assume you mean a rowing camp that either has a minimum ERG performance level requirement to attend or a camp that caters to (at or near) national team levels as opposed to camps that might cater to beginner rowers.

    Of course, for beginning junior rowers, many of the local or long distance away camps might be extremely suitable.
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  • imafanimafan 2 replies0 discussions
    She is likely referring to a camp offered by USRowing. These camps are by invite only, and USRowing holds ID Camps throughout the country in February and March. The intro level is Developmental, followed by High Performance, followed by Selection. Selection is for the athletes being considered for the JRNT team. For women, these camps are in New London CT. I believe the average erg time for the Selection camp is sub 7:10 this year; HP is 7:20.
    Check out usrowingjr.org for more info.

    There is a subset of these camps - Southeast Junior Rowing Camp is one - that are under the USRowing Umbrella. Athletes can get referred to these camps by their coaches. They compete at Club Nationals in July after a 2-3 week intensive camp.

    Hope this helps
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  • classicalmamaclassicalmama 17 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    There are other high performance camps as well for kids who have aged out of the US rowing camps or don't get an invite. GolfFather has defined those camps well. PennAC comes to mind, but there are a few others.

    I don't think SEJ is under the U.S. Rowing umbrella exactly--it (and Penn AC) allow athletes who are selected for U.S. Rowing camps at a later date to back out of its camp without penalty.
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  • reach2playreach2play 5 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
    You are correct, "High Performance" seems to have become a standard naming convention for camps that cater to experienced rowers, or those that would like to row at the next level. Row 2K has a great list here: Rowing Camps - Rowing and Sculling for Rowers and Scullers - row2k.com, and US Rowing here Rowing Camp Directory .
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  • classicalmamaclassicalmama 17 replies0 discussions Junior Member
    It can be hard to figure out which camps are truly high performance when you're just getting started. One way is to look at the Club Nationals racing results and see if the top boats are coming out of summer programs that look at first like they are not residential camps but allow kids to come and row for the summer. Some clubs will find housing for good rowers and the costs are pretty much the same as they would be for a regular camp.
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