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D3 basketball...is CC the place?

3xboys3xboys 1 replies1 discussions New Member
Hi all:
When my sons were being recruited (crew) I found CC an invaluable source of information. I have a friend whose HS Sophomore son's club basketball coach is already getting calls from college coaches about him. He is probably Ivy D1 material but not Final Four D1 material. Should I send the parents here to CC or is there a site that parents use for recruiting info dedicated to basketball? A quick search here didn't really pull up tons of info on basketball and I know the recruitment process for it will be substantially different than it was for crew!
TIA for any help..
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  • schoolhouseschoolhouse 4 replies0 discussions
    Basketball is a very different beast than most of the sports recruit information that people seek on CC.....Basketball at all levels AAU & high school in particular come with attachments (i.e coaches looking for jobs/scout opportunities at the next level/players just looking for a break at D1/D2/D3 & NJcAA or NAIA) and it's competitive. Because, basketball is a revenue sport the academia to talent scale is skewed---especially for NCAA Ivies after this past years NCAA & Jermy Lin,,,so the student athlete that plays basketball might be pushed aside for the basketball player that is a good student even at an Ivy. Anyway, CC seems to be more for those non-revenue sports where the discussion is based on whether an athlete can get admitted to a program versus Revenue sports where talent is paramount. If he has the talent and is seen by the right eyes and just happens to be a good student than it's a chance,,,,does his current coach have an juice(i.e. was he a player/has he sent players to schools where they turned into something,,,basically does he have an street cred for identifying talent)

    I used this resource for my daughter who fences, but she was a former national champion and because of that she had her choice, I also have a son who is playing basketball in high school/AAU and he already has high ACT's, but his recruit path is through my network of personal friends/former teammates etc....that give me different access,,,,,,which is why the street cred network is so valuable, because it grants access like my daughter had with college coaches directly.
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  • 3xboys3xboys 1 replies1 discussions New Member
    Thanks schoolhouse. My instinct told me that CC is not really the place for them to find out info about showcases/official visits/strategy etc.

    Are there any CC-like sites that focus on basketball or perhapsany reputable recruiting services for basketball? The student in question is a good but not great student and does not need money...
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