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Fall 2014 Transfer Chances

juanpablocasteljuanpablocastel 1 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Forum Champion
intended major: english/literature

President (fresh/soph) of campus human rights/labor rights organization (lots of involvement, very passionate about this.)
1 summer research, no publication
1 year research, 1 publication possibly
nursing home assistant job 15 hrs/wk (1 year+summer)
regular columnist for campus newspaper (2 years)
volunteer at free clinic (4 hrs/wk) (1.5 years)
leadership in a literature club (2 years)
leadership in a student-organized summer camp for kids with parents who have had cancer (2 years)
physician shadowing (not much)
High school:
hospital volunteering 400 hours
research 1 summer, 1 publication, 1 abstract
chem club
religious youth group
4 years debate/forensics, no awards
got scammed into going to the national youth leadership conference
mostly just derped around.

3.99 GPA, half A+, half A, one A- in a 1 credit class.
finished all the premed classes with A+ or A
**will have only 3 literature classes completed by app submission.
High school:
4.45/4.0 (2 B's freshman year. 1 B senior year AP class)
34 ACT
41 IB
8/600 class rank
a couple of 5's and 4's for APs. (do I send the 4's?)
hardest curriculum that the school offered. almost all IB/AP in junior and senior year.
**no SAT II, might take one or two if necessary.

Hah. I can probably get one good one from the head of the honors program at my school who taught my freshman english seminar. This is something I need to work on.

underrepresented state?


current school:
non-prestigious state flagship
edited May 2013 in Amherst College
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