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UC Application error

worriedUCBworriedUCB 0 replies1 discussions Forum Champion
I have just been accepted to UC Berkeley and over the moon because of it. However, when I was looking at the classes I needed to complete I notice on of the classes I dropped this semester was not their, at first I didn't think much of it as it was only a 1 until "fun" class I just didn't have time for with my three 3-4 until hard classes. I know I changed it on the UC application site on March 6 to WI and when I talked to someone from the transfer center at Berkeley they said it would still show up and I would have to call to tell them I drop, but it should be okay as it was not a core class.

But today I checked the UC Application site and the class I dropped is not shown! The Undergraduate Office is not open today but I plan to call first thing Monday morning. My question is do you think this will cause the school to retract their offer of acceptation?

I feel like crying I worked so hard for one stupid mistake!
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