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Value of Official ACT Prep Online?

FireLionFireLion 4 replies1 discussions
Hey. I was wondering if the ACT Online Prep from ACTstudent.org was worth buying? Because I want to raise my ACT science and reading scores....... How good is the Online Prep? I have done PR, Official ACT red book, barrons, etc.... All the books, basically. But my score is still low. Do u suggest buying this online prep? Thanks.
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Replies to: Value of Official ACT Prep Online?

  • RayeDrumRayeDrum 2 replies0 discussions
    I went into the April 13th ACT having only used the online prep, so I'm not sure how it compares to other preparatory material. Keep in mind that it only has two complete practice tests, so you'll probably burn through them pretty quickly based on how many books you've completed. The good thing about ACT Online Prep is that it not only gives you the correct answers, but also explanations for EVERY answer so you can understand why a certain choice is correct. It seems to me, however, that before you spend more money, you might want to consider going back over the books you've already completed. After doing that many tests if you're not seeing marginal improvement, it likely means you've missed some concept or simply haven't taken the proper time to go back over your answers and understand WHY you got each question wrong. In order to improve, one not only needs to learn good time management, but also how to correctly complete any problem one has issues with. For some, the former is the key to improvement; for some, it is the latter. Only you can figure out which one you are and then proceed from there.
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  • FireLionFireLion 4 replies1 discussions
    thanks so much for the advice. I really want to improve my ACT science and reading. I feel like I have not done too much practice with those two subjects yet.....
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