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improving ACT from 27 to 30 in 3 weeks

futuredoctor24futuredoctor24 0 replies1 discussions
Hey guys,
I need some help on what study materials to use? I took the ACT back in December (Senior Year) and I got the scores below. I feel as though I can get the English and Math sections to a 29 or 30ish. The science section to a 29. Before taking them in December, my English section was the lowest while I was consistently getting 29 on science and Math (the december one hit all of my weaknesses :()

What are books and etc I can use to improve my score to my targets??

December Scores:
English: 27
Reading: 30
Math: 26
Science: 26

June Target
English: 30
Reading: 31
Math: 30
Science: 29
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Replies to: improving ACT from 27 to 30 in 3 weeks

  • billcshobillcsho 241 replies2 discussions Junior Member
    What have you done in test preparation since the last attempt so far? You are in senior already. Are you going to take a gap year?
    It is quite possible to bring up your score from 27 to 30, but it is very difficult in 3 weeks. It does not matter what your goal is, just work as hard as possible. Do more practice tests. In 3 weeks, you should be able to do 5-10 timed full practice tests. Make sure you go through the answers and explanations after the practice. There are many prep books available in the market. You may start with the Real ACT, Barron's, and Princeton Review.
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  • scisslehanndscisslehannd 2 replies0 discussions
    Here is your motivation:
    April 2012 (going in cold) = 26
    December 2012 (some practice) = 28
    April 2013 (a lot of practice) = 32

    I used the Real ACT Prep Guide. Only because I learn best from simply practicing and it had 5 ACT tests. You could get that 1001 (or somewhere in that range) ACT questions from the Princeton Review.
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