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Yet another 'should i retake' thread

diddly123diddly123 26 replies6 discussions
Hey guys,
I have a 33 (35E, 33M, 34R, 30S, 8 essay) but I'm not sure whether or not I should retake in june. I really want a 34 and am applying to HYP, and especially after finishing AP chem and AP enviro i really feel like I could improve on science. Do you think it's worth a try? It's already so hard to jump even a point higher when you're at this point so I'm just stuck. Answers are MUCH appreciated, thank you! :)

Oh, and by the way, I have a 2230 SAT superscored (720 reading, 710 math, 800 writing, 12 essay). Thanks!
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Replies to: Yet another 'should i retake' thread

  • r77r77r77r77 12 replies0 discussions Forum Champion
    I don't think AP chem and AP Enviro will help you much on the ACT. The ACT is more science conceptual/labratory and doesn't delve into AP level concepts of chem or enviro either category much.

    Depending on the amount of time you have available, I'd highly recommend getting an ACT study book. It's definitely worth the investment or buy them for cheap used.

    Work on your weakest area first because this will give you the biggest boost in score. In your case focusing on science sub-score and essay would yield the biggest increase in score.

    If you can pull your science from a 30 to a 33-35 your total score should reach 34.

    In addition, I don't know what school HYP stands for, but if it's a STEM school you may want to pull up the math sat score even higher! You can do it!

    good luck! :)
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  • negativekarmanegativekarma 7 replies2 discussions
    harvard yale princeton...
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  • diddly123diddly123 26 replies6 discussions
    thanks!! I was just thinking that having the background in chem/enviro can help when doing the different passages and it definitely has! like having the background in a certain lab can help.
    my practice tests were between 33/34 in february and i haven't practiced much since then but I think I can keep the other sections about the same 34/35ish.
    HYP is harvard, yale, and princeton. I'm applying for business so I don't think the math is so important like it would be for an engineering major. thanks for the encouragement! :)
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  • billcshobillcsho 241 replies2 discussions Junior Member
    How many attempts did you have on each test already? It seems your ACT and SAT scores match up pretty well. If any of them was your first (only) attempt, you may try again after more thorough practice. You are right now at 33.0 for ACT, you need an increase of 2 subscore points to get 34 (33.5). On the other hand, you do have room for improvement in Math and Reading for SAT. Note that having 1430 in CR+M is not very impressive for HYP. Considering more schools do SAT superscoring, retaking SAT is something you may want to consider (disregarding retaking ACT or not). Again, right now your ACT and SAT scores are pretty comparable. Just the distribution of SAT subscore is not very good (writing is perhaps the relatively less valuable section). On the other hand, are you taking any subject test in June? At least you should take the Math2 and Chemistry since you just finished AP Chem. A good math2 score may help to compensate the 710 math score. You ACT Math at 33 indicates you are at the 98 percentile. You should be able to score good in SAT2 Math2 which has a generous curve.
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