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3.3.17 Weather for the weekend

Curabitur id consequat mauris. Quisque venenatis, ex non maximus maximus, velit arcu vehicula enim, non lobortis dolor metus sed nunc. Donec vel lore…

3.3.17 Let's talk about athletes

Many times the beginning of

3.3.17 Athletic Discussion

Never before in the history of contended titles has the fever been this high. Crowds from all represented regions swarmed t the campus.

Advice requested

My 26-year-old son flunked out of a strong computer science program with 3 hours remaining to complete his degree. He has some aspergers-like issues…

June 1 2013 Latin SAT 2 Subject Test

Hi, As the test is coming up soon, I thought I'd make a thread for discussion so that people can ask questions and discuss the upcoming latin sat . …


Hi there I really need some advice, so here it goes... I have always wanted to be a vet. I know it sounds like so many others, but for as long …

Financial Aid algorithms and attributes

No kayak to use, so let me ask different questions with a new thread and a better subject hopefully. My objective is to learn more about the finan…

Help me!! Dentists and Dental Students!

So, I know there are many post like this and I'm sorry if I annoy anyone with my question but I need some guidance!! So I'm currently a high school…